Nasty Diablo

Music / Музыка: Frosty the Snowman
Arrangement / Аранжировка: Matt Uelmen
Lyrics / Слова: Bill Roper
Engineering / Звукорежиссёр: Scott Petersen
Vocals / Вокал: Diablo and the Fallen Underworld Choir

Английская версия (English)
Nasty Diablo
Has a dark and brooding soul,
With a dire plan
And a hate for man.
Domination is my goal.

Nasty Diablo
Is a fairy tale they say,
With a brimstone smell
I was up from Hell
To claim the world one day.

There must have been some
magic in that old Soulstone they found.
For when they placed it in my head
I was trapped far underground.

Nasty Diablo
Hidden for a thousand years.
The Horadrim say
I’ll return one day
Playing on your mortal fears.

Nasty Diablo
Was released and headed east.
For I sought to find
Two more of my kind
So the Three could be unleashed.

He led them through the streets
of town and right down into Hell.
We only paused a moment when
we battled Tyrael.

Nasty Diablo
Made a final stand that day,
But I waved good-bye
Saying “Don’t you cry”.
I’ll be back again some day.