The Cain Rap

Music / Музыка: Jason Hayes
Lyrics / Слова: Mike Scandizzo, Michael Gough, Micky Neilson, and Tami Donner.
Vocals / Вокал: Michael Gough and Jason Hayes

Английская версия (English)
My name’s Deckard Cain and I come from Tristram.
If уou’re looking for Diablo, then you just missed `im.

If you find old Griswold, then you can take him down.
But уou’ll get no reward `til you come back to town.

Thanks for my life — I’ll identify your stuff.
But if you choose to journey on, then it’s gonna get tough.

Greetings friend. Нere’s the road to the East.
You’ll find that it’s blocked `cause Andariel’s a beast.

Greetings! Greetings!
Greetings! Stay a while and listen.

Charsi can shield you if you have a lotta cash.
If уou’re all outta room, you can stick in your stash.

My name is Deckard Cain and I’ve come on out to greet `уa.
So sit yer ass and listen or I’m gonna have to beat ya!

If I don’t know the answer, then go ask Malah.
She’s a funky little broad that looks like a koala.

My homeys were destroyed, but I carry on.
With the help of young Anya who’s no Amazon!

Greetings! Greetings!
Can’t touch this! Can’t touch this! Can’t touch this!
Can’t touch this! Can’t touch this! Can’t touch this!
Greetings! Stay a while and listen.

My name is Deckard Cain — I’m the last of a breed.
When I give out a warning you’d best take heed.

I’m the sworn enemy of Big Bad Baal
He was first in line at the evil sale.

Even though I’m ancient and somewhat of a relic,
People tell me I look like Tom Selleck!I’m nasty,

I’m old, and a little bit ornery.
I look like Patrick Stewart and sound like Sean Connery.

Greetings! Greetings!
Throw your hands in the air.
Wave Сem like you just don’t care!
Greetings! Stay a while and listen.

Kick it.
Way to go, homeys.
That was dope.
We’ll have to do this more often.
That was way phat!
Yeah, boyyyyy…
Cain in `a house.

Give it up for the Horadrim.
Horadrim. Ho- Ho- Horadrim.
Horadrim. Ho- Ho- Horadrim…
Ho- Ho- Ho- Ho- Ho- Ho- Ho- Ho- Horadrim.

Who let the Barbarians out?
Who… who… who… who? …